Priscilla’s first time downhill mountain biking

After months of persuasion, Priscilla agreed to try DH with me. She was never a big fan of the technical aspect of this genre of riding, but since she’s super cool and a kick butt rider, she figured it was worth a shot.

Since she’s never done DH before, the protective equipment we had for her was pretty limited. We had to borrow Moe’s chest protector and Priscilla used the POC Cortex DH helmet. We did have some knee and elbow pads, but even those were a bit big. I told her that if she likes DH, then we’ll definitely invest in better gear for her.

So our morning started off with my packing up the van and loading up the bikes. She was going to ride the Ibex Ignition that I used to win the Shimano Winter Series. This time I was riding a stock KHS XCT 555 (stock except for the ghetto tubeless conversion).

We arrived at Fontucky and began to suit up, we hiked up the mountain and proceeded to go down one of the many courses we’ve raced before. Though Priscilla felt scared at times, she rode through the trail with confidence. I have to say I’m very proud of her and you can see in the video that she has some major potential. So this leads us to the question, “Will she ride DH again?” The answer is YES. I better start saving up for some gear for her! But let me clarify, she would do it again, but not race DH. I didn’t care if she raced or not, I was just glad to see her doing DH.

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  1. Priscilla — don’t rule out racing DH. It seems like you were a bit hesitant at XC, and look how you DOMINATED! With some more saddle time on a DH rig and some more practice, there’s no reason you can’t take the rest of your team to task on the DH courses and show them what’s what!

    RL, LOVE the sunglasses at the beginning of the video…SO pimp!

  2. Thanks guys. Yeah..i just didn’t want RL to start planning my DH race schedule just yet. lol. It was a little nerve wrecking but I definitely would like to feel more comfortable out there through some of that dh I’ll keep it up and see where it takes me. 🙂

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