Weekend Ride Report: Telonics, Laguna Beach

This past Sunday some members of MtnBikeRiders’ DH Team headed out to the world famous Telonics trail located in Laguna Beach, CA.  RL, Moe, David and I were joined by our friend Albert and two of his buddies.

We met early in the morning for coffee and donuts then caravanned down to Laguna Beach.   The plan was to shuttle to the starting point known as “Top of the World” while leaving the other cars at the bottom for another run.  So basically there were no climbing for us; just strictly descent… approximately 1 mile of fast, flowy, singletrack with a few steep rocky sections.

Below are two videos – our 1st and 2nd run.  On the 1st run we were unfamiliar with the trail so we stopped quite a few times.  Second run was a little more fluid despite a few mishaps J

Overall we had a great time!  A few bumps and bruises, but all is good…

1st run

2nd Run

7 Replies to “Weekend Ride Report: Telonics, Laguna Beach”

  1. You can see me on the ground right at 4:13… All I was thinking was how scratched my Slayer helmet was going to be… It fared rather well, my shoulder, not so much…

  2. Jer – it was the only thing in my music folder long enough to match the length of the vid LOL 🙂

  3. DAM I wish I didnt have to work but you know what they say better busy than unemployeed I hope I can make the next ride. Im glad you guys had a good time hope to see you guys at the next ride.

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