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The Sette Venom just got delivered today to the HQ….and boy I tell you whut, this thing is legit man!

sette venom

Here’s the features of the Venom:

Sink your fangs into any trail and the Sette Venom will deliver. The plush, adjustable 6-7” single pivot suspension will smooth out most any obstacle, keeping those wheels against the ground when you need it the most. Nail those gaps, rail those corners and hold on for some amazing adventure with this super strong 7005/6061 aluminum freeride frame.

Sette chose to equip the Venom with the Rock Shox Vivid 5.1. An excellent coil-assisted shock that features an incredible amount of adjustability, including external ending stroke rebound, beginning stroke rebound, and compression.

The Venom frame comes complete with all of the standard features that you would expect from Sette products; sealed cartridge bearing pivot points, integrated hydraulic brake hose guides that lead to IS standard rear brake mounts, cable guides, seatpost clamp, replaceable derailleur hanger, and a durable powder coated finish.

Rock Shox Vivid 5.1 Coil Over Shock
Sette Venom

The site says the color of the frame is red, but upon my first glance of the frame, its almost like rusty-ish red…a lighter burgundy…I actually like it because its a unique color and you won’t mistake it with any other brand.
sette venom

Just in case you wanted to know, specs:

Material 7005/ 6061 Aluminum
Welding Tig Welding
Rear Suspension Travel 7″/ 177.8mm
Recommended Fork Suspension Travel 7″-8″/ 180-200mm
Headset 1-1/8″ Standard
Front Derailleur 34.9mm Bottom Pull
Bottom Bracket 73mm
Max Rear Tire Clearance 2.5″
Seatpost Size 31.6mm
Seat Clamp Size 34.9mm
Disc Mount IS Standard
Shock Length (eye-to-eye) 8.75″/ 222.3mm
Shock Stroke 50mm
Damping External ending stroke rebound, beginning stroke rebound,
and compression
Available Sizes Small (17″/43cm), Medium (18″/46cm)
Color(s) Red
Weight 11.35lbs (w/ Shock, Small Size Avg.)
Warranty 5 Years

We’re looking forward to testing this frame. We like the fact its a single pivot design, which to me, means its going to be trouble free and reliable. Shoot, many of the world’s best DH/FR bikes are single pivot…but the Sette Venom is a fraction of the cost, at $499.08, that’s a steal of a deal.

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13 thoughts on “Sette Venom Freeride Frame

  1. That’s a sweet frame, it reminds me of a certain Santa Cruz model. I’m looking forward to the finished bike, it should be killer!

  2. Nice frame cant wait to see it finished. Are you going Dual Crown or Single I hope Daul can we say Boxxer?????

  3. i have a sette relic and it is a heavy beast. pricepoint/sette doesnt have parts for these frames either, need bushings for the suspension linkage and they dont have them. poor after sales support. buyer beware

  4. Guys, this is it, finally… a monster bike. It looks like an indestructible beast, so far away from the “Skinny” bikes we see all over the places today… Question: Is there space on this frame for a Front Derailleur? I don’t see the guide(s) for the cable.

  5. The specs say you can…

    Front Derailleur 34.9mm Bottom Pull

    But I won’t. I’ll be running a 36t front chain ring with a guide and bash guard.

    The bike will mainly be used as a DH rig more than anything.

  6. do u happen to know of the rear derailer hangers make or specifications i snapped myne nd am looking to ride thnx?

  7. Hey ppl. Just built up a settle venom but I need to replace the bushings for the rear suspension.. Anyone know the measurements for the bushing top and bottom? Looking to order

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