Super Bummed Out…

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Went to the doctor’s office last night to have them check out my left calf. I’ve had some pain in it since we last did Telonics 2 weeks ago. During that ride, my last run…the last 50 feet of it, I crashed. Afterward I’ve experienced nothing but pain.

So I finally went, and the good doctor said that I have a something called a Grade 1 or 2 Calf Strain. Basically part of my calf tore. I can walk, but I now do it with a Gangsta lean.

Now what? Well, I have to stay off the bike for a few weeks until it heals…I know it doesn’t sound so bad, but its still a bummer for me.

RL Policar

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9 thoughts on “Super Bummed Out…

  1. Sorry to hear that dude! Hope you are feeling better soon. For now, I guess you could always play some mountain bike video games, watch mountain bike videos while having people wait on you all day and night. ; )

  2. Or.. you could provide shuttle service for all your friends! Yeah! to bad fontana can’t be shuttled. Take your time and heal up, take omega oils. Should help a bit.

  3. Hope you heel soon RL and by the way hope you were your Dainese gear when you crashed,I bet you still looked sexy and fast when it happened.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Art, yes I was wearing my Dainese Raptor helmet and Airflux shorts. The helmet was what kept my money maker (my face) from receiving major damage since I hit it hard on the embankment. But I did all that while looking sexy.

  5. Dude that sux, I Definately know how it feels I screwed up my knee SSing 2 weeks back, ontop of all my daily issues 🙁

    Get well soon

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