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Running out of time this morning, I couldn’t shoot this from the best angle. This was what I could come up

Not a good sound to hear. I was riding the loop on a pre-work morning ride, riding it backwards because… you know that’s how I roll. haha. As I stood up to climb a short steep hill, I hear a loud snap. I immediately stop, which I’ve learned normally limits the damage, and check my chain. What I saw caused me to do a double take: half the cage, the jockey wheel suspended on the chain. Ouch.

It was funny how this piece was on the chain, but not attached to the rest of the derailleur

I turned around and got to the bottom of the hill without pedaling. I removed the SRAM powerlink, why I love SRAM chains, and removed the bottom half of the derailleur cage. I then rode my Single Speed Full Suspension 29er back to my car, walking the uphills, though.

Again, out of time and working with a P & S camera. This was the best I could get.

Quick perusal of, which I use for much of my buying needs, netted me last year’s x9 rear derailleur (no changes from last year to this year) for $35 less than this year’s x9. To top it off, because I live in So. Cal, I could order it now and get it tomorrow. The bike will be back in action really soon.

6 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. uploaded pictures.

    DT: I’m thinking duct tape. ha

    RL: Nope, didn’t shift into the spokes. No kink in the chain. Just power, baby. j/k I really don’t know how it broke.

    Moe: Spinning? Whats that?

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