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Downhill Mountain Biking Ride Reports

Yesterday afternoon I headed to Santiago Oaks in Orange, CA for a mid-week ride where I met up with Val and Ner.  Val is in the process of dialing his new Yeti ASX DH bike.  Weather at this time of the year is fairly hot in So Cal.  It was well in the 90s mid-day but cooled off to the mid 80s by the time we started.

The ride into the park and up the 3Bs was uneventful.  With the sun beating down on us, it was that much harder grinding up the Bs.  Especially Val as he was climbing with his DH bike with no lockout on the fork.  But then again, we don’t go to Santiago Oaks for the climbs J.

Reaching the top, Val strapped on his armor and we were off for some DH fun.  What made this ride interesting for me is I dont have any rear brakes :0 It’s been fading for quite sometime and I haven’t had a chance to have it checked out.

Below is a short video of our ride.  The camera was mounted to my seatpost (facing the rear ) for a rear view perspective.  I actually like this angle/view as you can see the descent of the trail.  Often times having the camera on the traditional front view, it does not justify the grade of the trail. Enjoy!

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