Team BBQ

Last Saturday, the Race Team had a BBQ/Party at Kim and Tony’s place. First I’d like thank the Finch’s for hosting and providing the best place ever to have a biking related party.

You’ll see in the video that Kim and Tony have an awesome home. Not only are they REALLY into mountain biking, but their home is laced with mountain biking related things. From trophies, videos and all the way down to a front and back yard that has ladder bridges and all sorts of stuff that many of us could only dream of having in our own home.

Great food, great friends and definitely a great time! By the way, if you happen to be one of our friends on Facebook, more so Joe’s FB account, there are some incriminating pics in there…let’s just say it involves a sausage, Moe and RL.

The Moe

The new Shuttle RunnR

Joe and Jake

From Joe’s camera.

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