The BIG 4-0

Mountain Biking

Happy Birthday to our Team rider, writer and good friend Joe “J. Sizzzle” Solancho! Joe has been part of the Team for a little over a year, we met him on one of our “relaxed vibe” rides. He has been extremely supportive and a great motivation for having me become a Downhill racer. He is also an awesome photographer, he specializes in sport photography and has sold his pictures to many racers through his site

14 thoughts on “The BIG 4-0

  1. Happy birthday, Joe! Welcome to the 4-0 Club. As a new member, I’ll be sending you the complimentary bottle of Geritol and one of those adult diapers.

  2. Happy B-day Joe and welcome to getting to the old man class of racing. Oh by the way that pic of you “It’s only a curb size jump buddy!”
    Have a good B-day buddy.

  3. Thanks for the Bday wishes guys! Cant say I’m excited to join the club, but it is what it is…

    GR & Art – make sure I get the diapers. I’ll need it when I go over the curb size jumps LOL 🙂

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