Freedom Riders Video Premiere at the D-Store this Saturday 10/24/09-1pm

Come join us this Saturday at the Dainese Store in Costa Mesa, Ca. at 1pm on October 24th.

Proceeds will benefit IMBA

Donation of $5 for the movie would greatly be appreciated, proceeds to benefit IMBA.

Raffle Tickets Available so you can win some cool stuff!!!!

The show starts @1pm.

1645 Superior Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3612
(949) 645-9500

Thanks for your support,

RL Policar

JACKSON HOLE, WY – What if you were prohibited to ride your bike on the trails in your backyard? Right, you’d be pissed – can’t blame you. Instead, maybe your time would be spent mimicking your freeride bike skills on Xbox, shelling out dollars to ride Whistler or salivating over old issues of BIKE magazine. Hopefully, you don’t have to do any of those – unless you prefer virtual sports, are independently wealthy or have had a free mag subscription for years.

The new high-definition freeride mountain bike film Freedom Riders by local producers KGB Productions and Gravnetic takes you on a singletrack, gravity-fueled journey through the trails on Teton Pass (and elsewhere); and tells the story of how a tight-knit group of local dedicated riders (now the Teton Freedom Riders) worked diligently with the US Forest Service to create history in their backyard.

Rewind nine or so years. Teton Pass didn’t have any freeride bike trails – unless you were in the secret, squirrel-like group that knew of them. Illegal trails were being built on the Pass by a group of local renegade bikers and no one knew of these trails outside of them – not even the Forest Service. It wasn’t until a hiker on Teton Pass got lost on one of these illegal trails and Teton County Search and Rescue officials couldn’t find them. Shit hit the fan.

Trees were dropped on the illegal trails making them impassable by bike. The Forest Service wanted answers. And the sport of freeride biking on Teton Pass was on a fast track to the grave. But, a handful of these riders who built the illegal trails stepped forward to the Forest Service, admitted their wrong-doing and over the last few years have forged a strong, positive working relationship with the Forest Service to jointly build LEGAL trails on the Pass. With this partnership, in 2007, came the construction of the first-ever downhill specific mountain bike trail on Forest Service land in history.

The film also highlights the evolution of freeride biking starting back in the 1970s with industry icons like Tom Richey and Gary Fischer working up to present day with events like the Red Bull Rampage. Plus, the film also captures illegal trial building issues in other parts of the country like North Carolina, Colorado and Marin County, California.

It’s not just bike porn, it’s a story.

Proceeds from every showing during the summer/fall tour benefit IMBA.

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