Good times

Sunday evening I invited some of our biking friends over to our home to enjoy some food, beer and cake. Yes, cake. We were basically celebrating Joe, Moe and Priscilla’s birthday. We had tons of pizza, wings, and beer. Dan Burdett’s wife, Becca, made these amazing Kahlua KupKakes that were out of this world! I must had 3 of them…hehe

Becca, Dan, Moe, Priscilla, Animal(with his lunch in his hand), Joe and Gabe.

Mrs. Animal, Animal and Gabe “Thunda” Preda.

mmm cake

It was great to have Moe with us. He’s been sidelined by a dumb shoulder surgery. The guy was pretty proud of his operation that he decided to show a video of it as we were eating, nasty. Oh wait, I think they say in Mexican, “cochino!”

Great times along with great stories. If you ever get a chance to meet Dan, have him show you how he does his no handed push-ups!

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