2009 Southridge Racing Awards

The 2009 Racing season has ended. Our little “experiment” of forming a racing team was quite surprising and quite successful. Our venture started with “sponsoring” three racers; Kim, Tony and Priscilla and ended with a team of 7 people of different backgrounds in different disciplines. Hard work, great camaraderie and awesome sponsors made this season a season that we will not forget.

Kim Finch: one of our most dedicated racers earned 3 championship jerseys. She brought home the XC, Super D and Downhill first place trophies.

Priscilla Policar: I still remember when she first started riding with us, we always had to wait for her. And now, she is the XC Champion!

Tony Finch: I always asked “Hey Tony, how is the course?” He would respond with a big smile on his face and said “Oh, super fun!” Tony placed 2nd on Downhill on the sport category.

David Sanderson aka “El Guapo”: We simply asked David if he wanted to race with us shortly after he met us, he said sure! David took 4th place on the Singlespeed category, but look for him to terrorize the downhill trails next season!

Eric “The Animal” Hunner. He always impressed us with his hard work and his down to earth attitude. Although he was not able to make it to the awards, he earned a second place on the Singlespeed category.

Joe Solancho: Our partner in crime. Joe kicked some butt on the Super D trails and brought home the championship jersey. He also placed 3rd in Downhill. Joe and I had a great time racing against each other, he always pushed me competitively.

RL Policar: Fast and Fearless! We were not supposed to be racers, but I say that his championship jersey says otherwise. RL took first place on the over 200lb category, those buffets paid off after all!

The Moe: “Me race downhill? No way!” Well, I changed my mind… I was given the chance to ride KHS’ top of the line DH200 and earned a 2nd place on Downhill and 5th place on Super D. I’ve been sidelined by an injury, but I hope to come back to racing soon.

Many thanks to our family and friends for their support. Also, many thanks to our sponsors:

KHS Bicycles, Evomo, HossMTB, Spenco Gloves, Ergon Grips, Serfas, BikeCommuters.com and Sette.

6 Replies to “2009 Southridge Racing Awards”

  1. That’s fantastic! I’m very proud of all of you!

    Priscilla — LOVE the boots. Those rock!

    Seems like you forgot a sponsor in your listing, there…I’m going to cross-post this over at Bikecommuters.com. Y’all make going fast look HOTTT.

  2. It was a great year! I’m so proud to ride with such a talented group of friends.

    Thanks GR! Glad u like! I luv them too! =D

    And a BIG THANX to all our sponsors and their team support! =D

  3. Congrats to all of you for an awsome job of racing and having fun doing it and I look forward to working with you and seeing you all out there next year.
    Have a great Christmas and a happy New YEAR!!!

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