e thirteen chainguide LG1+

We received the e thirteen LG1+ chain guide as a test sample a few months back and I’ve been testing it ever since.

This was mounted onto my Sette Venom. This bike is primarily used as my DH bike and has seen racing action at Fontana and Mammoth Mountain.


Includes the enhanced Taco direct mount bashguard

Wearplates have chainring size indicators for simple adjustment

Easily change chains and chainrings w/o removing wearplates

Captive gold anodized alloy hardware

Adjustable direct mount Taco bashguard accommodates all backplate designs

Tech 3 Stealth Idler

Available in black or white
ISCG 05 kit includes ISCG adapter plate for use on frames with NO ISCG tabs
ISCG OLD kit does not include ISCG adapter plate
Made in the USA

Weight: 169 Grams
Chainring size compatibility: 32T-36T or 36T-40T

Installation was straight forward and pretty simple. I got this thing dialed in within 45 minutes. That included me removing my old MRP set up and installing the LG 1+. Since the Venom doesn’t have ISCG mounts, I had to use the adapter kit. Once that was set, I also made the adjustments for the unit to accept my 38t chain ring. I really liked how the LG 1+ allows you to micro adjust your guides to go from 32t and up to 40t.

e thirteen

Though the LG 1+ boasts that its super light weight and durable, that wasn’t my main concern during the testing period. I wanted to make sure that this thing kept my chain in line, and on the rings.

I’ve had the privileged to test this unit through many practice and race runs at Fontana. On my last race, e thirteen was with me and helped keep my chain on the ring which led me to take a 4th place position.

There really isn’t anything bad about the e thirteen LG 1+, its pretty simple to install, works great and it looks pretty sharp on my bike!

The e thirteen LG1+ can be found all over the net and the prices range from $119-$127.

Between you and me, if your chain falls off due to rough terrain, that could spell a few things, you’re going to lose time during a race and you can potentially damage something like your chain or ring. Having the LG1+ is great for the bike, but it’s also peace of mind since this will assure you that there’s nothing to worry about when you’re bombing down hills except for that boulder in front of you.

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