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Last night I hosted “Shop Night.” This gave Moe the opportunity to finish up the final details on the Sette Vexx DH frame. We had planned on getting this bike completed at an earlier date, but due to injuries, and chain guide issues, it was pushed back. However, last night Moe got this thing dialed in and its ready to roll. Here’s a few snap shots. By the way, we were fortunate enough to get Team Racer, Wes Castro (Fidel’s nephew) to come down and give us a hand with the Vexx.

Here’s how things looked through Moe’s eyes after a few beers.
sette vexx

Wes going over the bike making sure things are dialed in.
sette vexx

I don’t have all the specs, but I love the whole black and white theme. Good job Moe!
sette vexx

Sette Vexx will make its racing debut this weekend at the Southridge DH races in Fontana, Ca. Wes Castro will be manning this awesome machine. sells the Sette Vexx frame for only $849. But if you want something that’s already build, you’re in luck, they have a complete Sette Vexx for $2599.98.

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8 thoughts on “Sette VEXX-Race Ready

  1. Here’s the Spec List:

    Frame: Sette Vexx Size Small
    Fork: Fox RC 40
    Rims: Xero Flick
    Handlebar: Sette Duo
    Shifter: Shimano Saint
    Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX
    Crankset: Truvativ Hussefelt
    Bottom Bracket: Truvativ Hussefelt ISIS drive 180mm
    Saddle and Stem: Azonic
    Brakes: Hayes Nine Hydraulic
    Pedals (not pictured): AtomLab
    Grips: Sette Lock-on grips
    Headset: FSA Reducer 1.5 to 1 1/8th.

  2. Damn, the bike is so fast it photographs blurry! Jk, I’m sure you’ll kill it out there Wes! Con Suerte, Con Sueno, Con Velocidad!

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