Rider Down-Prayers for fast healing

We’d like to take this time to ask our readers to pray for Team Rider Wes Castro. During Saturday’s practice run, Wes had a pretty violent crash that resulted in a shattered hip. He has told us that his hip is broken in 6 different places.

This all happened while practicing the DH race course at the Shimano Winter Series Finals. Wes and Joe Solancho were pretty much tied for 1st place in the overall series points. Wes had spent the afternoon with another team rider, David Sanderson. They practiced the upper course at least 3 times and when they transition to the mid-section of the trail, Wes took a line that dropped him into a section where his front wheel got caught. He went OTB, and landed directly on his right side.

Joe and I were in the shuttle van being hauled up to the top to do a practice run. We looked out the window and saw David Sanderson helping someone. At this time we couldn’t see who he was attending to since there were some vegetation that blocked our view. We get up to the top and we heard that the DH course was closed because someone went down and wasn’t moving. Once we heard this we tried calling David to make sure it wasn’t Wes. But I asked one of the guys that were there and they told us that the rider was on a black Sette bike…my heart sunk at that moment because I knew it was Wes.

Joe and I flew down the paved road to get to Wes and David. Once we got there, Wes was on his side screaming in pain. I was quickly relieved to see that he had moved his legs. But it was obvious that he wasn’t going to get up anytime soon. I checked in with Wes, asked him a few questions. SRC Medics were there assisting Wes. David filled me in on what happened. Within a few minutes, the Paramedics came. They loaded Wes into a gurney, but this was ultra painful for Wes. He was screaming the whole time. It was very difficult to see our own friend going through so much. For the most part we felt pretty helpless. The ambulance drove away, David, Joe and I packed up our belongings and met up with Priscilla and my kids back at base camp.

We then drove down to the hospital, but after an hour of waiting to see Wes, they informed us that he was at a different hospital. We got back on the road and drove over to Kaiser Permanente. After a few minutes of waiting, security let us see Wes.

When we arrived at his bedside, Joe and I were happy to see him sitting up. But he was in excruciating pain. He gave us the details of what the doctors said. Wes mentioned that the doctors don’t think he can ride a bike ever again due to the severity of his injuries. Again, my heart sank. Joe and I tried to encourage Wes while we were there. After spending a few minutes with Wes, Joe and I went back to the waiting room so Priscilla and David can come and pay a visit.

Wes is currently at home, trying to recuperate. He has an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon first thing on Monday morning. We’re all hoping and praying for the best route to recovery. I know that this is a tough time that Wes and his family are going through, but I gotta tell ya, I’m just glad the guy is ALIVE! There are so many inherent dangers that is involved with our beloved sport, that Wes could have easily have landed on his head and worse things could have happened. Wes is a very healthy guy and I know he’ll make recover and heal up well. But in the mean time, please take a few minutes to pray for him.

By the way, I need to take this time and hold up David Sanderson. Wes made a point to tell us that after he hit the ground, the first thing out of his mouth, other than the scream, was David’s name. David was the guy that called for help, made sure no other riders ran into them, and ultimately was there for Wes. Wes told us while he laid in his bed in the ER that “David is a CHAMP of a friend!”

I’d also like to point out that Joe Solancho dedicated his Winter Series Championship to Wes today. As he got up on the 1st place podium, Joe yells out, “This is for Wes!”

RL Policar
Team Manager/Co-Owner

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  1. when I was being shuttled up for my race run I saw the ambulance tending to someone and it that the person would be ok. It really sucks to hear thats it was Wes. So to Wes I wish you a speedy recovery and you are in my prayers and if it hasnt already I will make sure the word gets out to everyone on STR so they can pray for you too.

  2. To my team mates and all the supporters thank you so much for all the support. I will know in a couple of weeks about surgery but i am praying that I dont have to. Thanks to RL,Precilla and Gab for stopping by and visiting with me. Precilla thank you so much for dinner it was fantastic you are the best. I feel so blessed to have you guys in my life thanks for everything…Love my team mates…

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