Vision Quest Training Preride 3-14-2010

On Sunday I rode the first part of the Vision Quest an Endurance Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, { link for course} . The preride was a 25 mile loop up Blackstar canyon,  to Main Divide, and down Motorway, {link for preride}

I was almost knocked off my bike at Beeks Place by the crazy wind. I was warned about the fierce wind by some other riders that turned around after being blasted, luckily I packed my arm warmers and Windproof Headcover-Fleece Lined from Serfas.

Brought the camera along and snapped some pictures of the trail and took note of the washouts after our recent heavy rains. I wanted to be aware of the dangers lurking in the dark, the event starts at 5:30 am. All 350 participants will be riding in the dark for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, I will be equipped with a light weight Head light from Serfas to help guide me though the mass start.

My model Sarah she works for peanuts.

The Gates were closed to the Mountain range, no public access on motorized vehicles, lets hope it stays that way. Last year a rider was injured by an Enduro motorcycle ripping down the trail during the event.

Last weeks set up, suspension Single Speed still not right for me.

Back to Rigid set up, love it. Monocog update #3 to follow soon

Crevices that will swallow you.

Enormous washouts marked with rocks, tree branches or bright color markings. Keep your eyes open for strange markings in the trail, someone has probably taken their time to warn other trail users of upcoming dangers.

Hopefully my training, bike preparation, and scouting the course will help me Saturday.

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