More Pinoys than any other…

As I ride through various trails of Southern California, I constantly meet other Filipino riders. For those of you that don’t know, Filipinos are from the country of the Philippines.

We’re dog eating, fun loving people. On occasion, my people, the Pinoys enjoy a delicacy that is known as Adidas. It’s basically chicken feet either grilled or thrown into a stew. We also love this stuff called Balut. It’s really gross looking and I refused to post a picture because you would gag. Just Google Balut, but beware.

I bring up Pinoys and mountain biking because in my oh so humble opinion, there are more Filipinos on the trails than any other minority group out there. Well, that’s at least how it is in SoCal.

You maybe asking, “How can I tell if a person is Pinoy?” For starters, we’re all born with super huge calves. Just look at Pacquiao and me…

but I’m not flexing mine…

We also have jet black hair, Emo kids are super jealous of it. Oh and another thing, we’re not that tall. The average height for Pinoy men is somewhere around 5’7″.

Anyhow, if you’re a Pinoy, married to one, or are friends with one. Tell them “Mabuhay”, that’s literally means to live on, but its kinda like a chant or something you yell out that has the same excitement level as “F@#$ YEAH!” Oh and another thing, “Mabaho ang peck peck mo!” Say that to a pretty Pinoy girl and she’ll want to marry you. 🙂

8 Replies to “More Pinoys than any other…”

  1. or say, “Matambok ang pek-pek mo!” also, pinoys always write “Hehehe” with their funny comments.. hehehe

  2. What’s more pinoy than waking up to your “MOM” cooking Longanisa and Garlic Fried Rice!! Oh yeahhhhhhhhh

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