AWNRY Bikes N’ Stuff Winner!!!!!

Ok folks. Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. We have 1…yes 1 winner. Out of all the loyal readers that have entered the contest, we drew the name of….
awnry bikes

ANDY LYNCH (aka:LynchMob)

We’d like to congratulate Andy for winning all three frames. Andy, all we need for you is to FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM HERE and we’ll ship it out today.

For the rest of you that entered, we’re offering all three frames at a super low price. CLICK HERE to get more info.

9 Replies to “AWNRY Bikes N’ Stuff Winner!!!!!”

  1. Oh my God! Oh my God ! I’M so lucky! Wait a minte….what the…..You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!!!

  2. So I’m a whore….speaking of whores D-bag, you should change your name to Teabag because you seem like a guy who would like a set of nuts in his face.

  3. “you seem like a guy who would like a set of nuts in his face”

    Is that based on experience?

    Ok settle down girls. No need for tantrums.

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