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I just took delivery of a new product that we’ll be testing on the site. Now keep in mind this isn’t a mountain bike, part or accessory, but if you’re anything like me, I do imbibe in the occasional energy drink before and after a good mountain bike ride. This is where Soda Stream comes in. A few weeks ago I wanted to find a way to make my own energy drink. That’s when I discovered that Soda Stream offers an energy drink mix that is very similar to RedBull. But the cool thing is, you can make the drink any time you want for the fraction of the cost of a can of Redbull.

Here’s what was sent to us by Soda Stream. The machine, CO2 cylinder, 2 soda bottles, and about 10 different soda mixes.
soda stream
Unpacked boxed.
soda stream
Redbull alternative drink mix. Comes in diet and regular.

Making your own soda with Soda Stream is pretty easy. Here’s the steps.
Install the CO2 cylinder.
soda stream
Fill the soda bottle with fresh water. Soda Stream says use tap water, but Fullerton water is pretty gross, so I used filtered water that has gone through reverse osmosis.
soda stream
Pump in the CO2. On the first batch I made (diet root beer), I only did 3 pumps. But the magic number is 4.
soda stream review
Mix in the Energy Drink mix.

Shake gently, remember its carbonated.

Either chill the bottle or serve it right away over ice.

How does it taste? Pretty darn good if you ask me. I gave some to Priscilla and she said that it tasted just like Redbull! Soda Stream says that per serving, it will only cost you $.25 if you use their stuff. So that means I just drank an energy drink for $.25! Wow that’s way better than the $1.99 price tag that I always get hit with at the local liquor store or gas station. How does it work? Pretty good. I took my daughter on a 2 hour bike tour through Fullerton and came back beat. I drank a glass of Soda Stream Enery Drink (diet) and felt the benefits right away. No crash feeling either.

We’ll be testing out the Soda Stream and see how well other riders like the drink and the machine. So stay tuned!

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  1. Are those responses or spam? 😛
    Anyways.. looks cool, just one comment, question, or suggestion.. however you want to take it.
    Why not add and mix the flavoring with the water BEFORE adding the carbonation???

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