Any good mountain bike films?

So I sat in my living room with my laptop and decided to see if Netflix had any good mountain bike videos that I could watch. Priscilla was busy doing her homework and didn’t have time to keep me entertained. I know what you’re thinking…”RL is going with a college girl?” Yup, I sure am. But I digress…

I type in “mountain bike”….stupid Netflix suggested Brokeback Mountain…

The other video it suggested was Fundamentals, its a great video that has a bunch of pro guys teaching you how to ride. Anyhow, a great video to see would be Race Across the Sky. We saw that when it premiered a few months back and loved every minute of it. I’ve also enjoyed Roam, Seasons, Pinned, and Freedom Riders.

Do you have any suggestions on mountain bike films you’ve seen that don’t include two guys hugging each other passionately?

3 Replies to “Any good mountain bike films?”

  1. any of the New World Disorder series (mostly DH/Freeride stuff) and the Radical Films “Kranked” series. all good stuff, and they usually have great soundtracks too!

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