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I’ve been using the Soma Fab Double Cross on my weekly night rides and I gotta tell you, I’m lovin’ it!
soma fab double cross

I’ve ridden the Double Cross mainly on the Fullerton Loop.

Kenda Small Block 8 offer great traction and low rolling resistance.

Traditionally Cross bikes are equipped with Canti-lever brakes. So that meant I did the same. But now I’m finding that these are not the most powerful brakes out there. I may later try out a set of v-brakes and see if do better.

So far the Soma Double Cross has been a great bike. I’ve ridden it through some rough terrain and as bumpy as some of it is, the bike is holding up nicely. I was initially worried that the skinny tange tubing fork was going to collapse or fail on me, but after jumping small stuff and rolling through brake bumps, its holding up well.

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  1. Cantilever brakes are traditionally used in cyclocross not because they stop all that well (they don’t…except under perfect setup and conditions), but because they offer a ton of mud clearance and are more forgiving of out-of-true wheels than V brakes.

    If ya ain’t racing in mud, Vs are the way to go.

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