I love long weekends

Most of you may have had a day off in observance of Memorial Day. First and foremost, I’d like to thank our brave men and women who have served, or are currently serving for our country. I personally appreciate all the sacrifice and hard work you all have put in.

Usually when we have a long weekend, we try to pack in some good riding. So on Saturday a group of 6 of us headed out to Aliso Woods in Socal. I love Aliso Woods because this place has some great trails that meets anyone’s needs.

After climbing a trail called Cholla, our little group split up. Priscilla, Dan and Khoa hit up Top of the World and down Meadows. While Doc, Val and I hit up Rockit.
Saturday was really nice. Blue skies and a cool breeze.

Cell phone pic of the view from Meadows. That’s the Pacific! If you look closely, right above the saddle, there’s a guy naked on the top of his roof….psych! Made you look! You’re dirty!

While Priscilla and her group were having fun in Meadows. The boy’s and I were ripping it up on Rockit. We were doing back flips, jumping gaps and riding without our hands on the bars…Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera…bummer, I wanted to really show you all the pics of me doing some gnarly stuff.

On Monday I assembled a group of guys to ride Whiting Ranch to the Luge. Funny thing is, I’ve ridden both trails before, but never connecting them. Everyone kept telling me that the would be much climbing. Oh boy…they weren’t kidding! Our climbs were long and hard (get your mind out of the gutter). We started up Mustard and I have to tell you. This alone is one tough climb. But the Animal kept doing some extra credit portions of the trail just so he could get a good work out in.
Then we headed out to the Luge for some major climbing. I made sure I kept my own pace so I wouldn’t burn my self out too soon and the guys were nice enough to wait for me since I was usually the last person.

I think they call this place Modjeska Grade. It’s a super steep road that we needed to ride on to get to the Luge.

From left to right: Dan, Chuck, Animal, Mark and Khoa. This was also snack time for us. My legs are already toast by this time. But we weren’t even half way done.

There was miles and miles of this.

Pretty view.

Animal was our leader for the day. For a guy who was hung over, he kept a pretty good pace.

Mark West


Khoa and yours truly(by the way ladies, Khoa is single and he has his own house! Call him for a date)


We finally got to the flag pole to rest and load up on snacks. This spot is right before some really nice single track called the Luge.

By the time our ride ended, we logged in about 16 long miles. My legs are gone and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it the next couple of days. But it was a great weekend overall.

Photo credits belong to Dan Burdett, Khoa Nguyen and Boss.

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