The Benefits of Having a Gut

Are you tired of having your riding buddies tease you about your gut? Do they poke your belly and make the Pillbury Dough Boy sounds? Do they often say…”you’re slow because you’re fat!”

Don’t fret my portly friend on 2 wheels. Did you know that there are benefits that are associated with having a big gut? In this article we will go into the details on why a big gut is better than no gut.

Let’s start by saying, skinny/fit is WAY over-rated. Pssh, skinny/fit people don’t eat real food. Us big riders enjoy/love our foods. But we don’t do it to indulge,nope. We use it for FUEL! The way I see it, your gut is the gas tank for the Love Machine.

We also have to consider that a big gut is perfect for times when you’ve run out of food. A man can only eat so much gels and energy bars before they feel like puking. The gut also acts as a reserve for energy. All that fat is there for your body to use up when you don’t have access to food. It’s like having a 7-11 store in your body! I bet all the skinny folk are super jealous now…

Having a gut also means added weight. In mountain biking, that translates to a faster descent on the trails. You don’t even have to pedal that much to maintain the same speed as a skinny folk would while bombing down a trail. God created something called Gravity, he made that just for us big riders. See, even God likes us more.

Another benefit to having a bigger gut than most mountain bikers…when you’re done riding. You can sit back and enjoy a beer, your gut becomes your beer’s resting spot.

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