If I had a sweat shop…

I was sitting back at my desk, looking out the window and day dreaming about coming out with cool clothing. Not just t-shirts silk screened with designs. But actual apparel that is not only useful for biking, but also cool enough to wear when you’re out and about.

If you recall, we have this brand called Awnry Bikes N’ Stuff. Well the Bike part of it, we’re working on. But the Stuff part of it…I’m introducing some of my thoughts to each other to hopefully conceive something tangible. One of my inspirations would be the company Swobo. They make darn good stuff. I was perusing their website and saw all the things they offer and asked myself, “how in the world did they know how to come up with those things?”

So here’s where you come in. Let’s just say we release soft and possibly hard goods out of the Awnry Bikes N’ Stuff, then tell me what kind of things would you actually want and why? I’ll give you an example to start with. Personally I’d want a collared moisture wicking shirt. Why? Well it can double as a riding shirt, but its nice enough to be worn to work. Besides, you’d look nice when you go out for beers after a good ride with your buds.

Another idea would be full body suits made out of the skins of Smurfs. Unfortunately Smurf leather is hard to come by since some say they don’t exist. But I’ve enlisted the help of Gargamel in order to find the village so I can harvest these blue critters.

I’m sure you get the idea of what I’m asking. If not, I’ll say it in my native tongue, “anong gusto mo makita kung mag gawa kaming damit para sa mga mountain bikers?”

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  1. I know Jack, thanks. I actually have a few of them. One of them is white with my Bicycles Are Fun Logo on it.

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