Race Team adds Corey Pond and Art Aguilar to roster

Corey Pond

Corey has been mountain biking on the local trails in Orange County for a short time, pushing himself to learn more, staying in shape, and racing, but always having fun.

” I’m looking forward to having a good time with the team and I’ll have my work cut out for me next year in the expert class. Good times!”

Corey has been with Dianese’s retail D-Store for 4 years as a Sales Associate. Corey doesn’t just sell their product’s, since he has keen knowledge of the products inside and out, from their moto line to the mountain line, and snow lines, also AGV’s helmet product line.

He also assist marketing at events by talking to dealers, magazines, or customers about product features. All this comes from an understanding of the product features, but form using them on the street, in dirt, and on the snow.

Corey Pond first started racing as a sport racer in 08’, and had his first full season of racing in 09’. His first full season paid off by constant top five, top ten finishes,  rewarding him with the SRC number “ONE” plate

This coming 2011 Corey Pond will be moving up to the highly competitive 19-26 expert class.
Art Aguilar

Art Began racing in 97’as a beg, 98’ moved to sport, and 99’ moved to expert racing for STORM Cycles. 2000, 2001 he was picked up by DIRTWORKS Bicycles, by 2002-2004 he raced and help co-manage the ATOMICBIKES dh team.

Racing highlights consist of:

Top five, and top ten overall finishes in Am-Cup, Cal-State, and SRC.

Top ten, top twenty finishes in National events.

Top twenty finish at the World Masters Championships

Overall winner Urban Cyclocross (beg class)

Placed second in SRC overall expert class 43-50 in 2009.

He currently works for Agv / Dainese USA’s warranty department, he also helps with the mountain bike product line at races.

“I’ve had fun racing and riding, and meeting new people all around the mountain biking scene and it’s always fun working with great people. I look forward to being around a great group of guys and gals in 2011, Thanks for welcoming me aboard”.

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