Eh, its just broken…No big deal.

The newest member of the Race Team, Corey Pond, sent us an email stating that he hurt his hand. We figured it was just a simple sprain, but if you read his story and see his pictures, then you’ll understand that it’s actually busted.-RL Policar

Hey everyone,
Art, myself and some other guys were shuttling a super secret trail last weekend and were destroying it (not literally, but we were going uber fast)…until about 30 seconds into our first run when I crashed. But I got up unharmed and made it down about 30 more seconds when I got shaken off my line and smashed into a tree. It was another fairly painless crash but I looked down and saw that my pinkie was definitely facing the wrong direction.
While driving myself to the ER I was wondering if having a manual tranny was really a wise purchase. Anyways, the doctor said I needed surgery but I opted out of it getting a different doctor to set the bone in place. I go in for follow up x-rays tomorrow to see if I will really need surgery or not. Hopefully I should be good to come back in time for the October race. It’s not all bad though, I can still type faster than Art with one hand.

Well, we’re glad Corey’s injuries aren’t worse, but it sure does suck. Heal up buddy!

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