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Last week I posted some pictures of my new project bike, the Bianchi Nyala. This bike originated in the 90s and that’s why I love it! I’m a HUGE fan of older bikes from the 80’s-90’s and I’ve actually acquired a butt load of them to restore and resell. On this project bike, thought about restoring it back to its glory days. But I decided to do something different. I had some spare NEW parts laying around in the Ole’ Bike Shoppe’ De RL that I could use for the Nyala.

Here’s the outcome; a 1×7 steel rigid bike. I got rid of the plastic brake levers and grip shifters.

I thought about upgrading the wheels to some Vueltas, but opted to keep the original single wall wheels. We’ll see how long they last.

Changed the handle bar to some wide Azonic bars,Tektro brake levers and check it out man…NEW thumb shifters…now that’s old school!

Shimano LX brakes, front and back with all new Jagwire cables and housing.

My DIY polished cranks from a previous project with a 32t ring.

I kept the OEM rear Alivio derailleur. Look at my shiny new 7 speed cassette.

View from the cockpit.

I’m super excited to ride the Nyala on the trails. Tonight will be its maiden voyage.

RL Policar

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5 thoughts on “Bianchi Nyala, ready to roll

  1. The Bianchi rode really nice tonight. Super smooth! Other than the ghost shifting, and my chain breaking…not bad.

    Now I have to make sure the hanger is aligned properly and install a newer chain.

  2. I to have a but load of bikes from the 90’s.
    I have the same exact bianchi nyla posted above.
    Started with frame and some compo nits.Put some time into making it look as good as yours looks.20 inch frame,new crank set, grip shift,
    free wheel, breaks like yours, used rims and tires.

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