Got a day off, time to ride!

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I was certainly blessed with a day off on Labor Day. Nothing is better than spending a holiday riding a bike. We assembled a crew of trail ninjas at Whiting Ranch on Monday morning. I was equipped with my 90’s Bianchi Nyala while the rest of the crew were sporting their modern bikes.

This right here is the FAST Group with Tim, Dan, Jeremy and Khoa.

Unfortunately, Priscilla pulled her back within the first mile of the ride. But she’s quite the trooper and kept riding.

Cousin Joe with Tim and Jeremy going up Mustard Hill.

Tim and Jeremy, the two biggest weight weenies I know (that’s a compliment). These guys are meticulous about how many grams end up on their bikes.

Surprisingly I made it up Mustard on my 1×7 Bianchi…man that was tough. On the way down was a different story. For some odd reason, my Cyclocross bike was more comfortable than the Bianchi. I felt so beat up by the time we were done.

Here we are at the end of the trail, Priscilla started feeling better which is the reason why she’s proudly representing the site with her schnazy 2011 jersey.

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