Is it possible to make a Dirty Dog Rotor Better?

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The answer is a yes and no…As is, Dirty Dog Rotors are pretty fantastic. But with a bit of magic, you can make them just a TAD (pun intended, but you’ll get it later) bit better.

Here’s what I did. I took Priscilla’s tad pole rotor (provided by Big DeBeer), as you can see its a fun, cool looking rotor by it self.
Dirty Dog Project

Then I grabbed a can of engine enamel and I wrapped up the braking surface with masking tape. I’m sure this already looks familiar since I’ve done this same project with a different rotor. But this time, I’m using a Dirty Dog Rotor, so its 100 times better.
Dirty Dog Project

I then painted each side. I made sure that I got in 2 coats. I used old water bottles to hold the rotors. This allowed for very little contact which means, the paint was applied more evenly.
Dirty Dog Project

I let the paint dry for about a day. Then the masking tape came off….ooooohh purdy!
Dirty Dog Project

This is how it looks mounted from the inside of the rotor.
Dirty Dog Project

The green matches perfectly with the accents on Priscilla’s frame. Besides, frogs are supposed to be green.
Dirty Dog Project

Full view.
Dirty Dog Project
Dirty Dog Project

Hopefully this inspired you to customize your own set of Dirty Dog Rotors, if you don’t have a set, pssh, what are you waiting for! Get some!

RL Policar

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6 thoughts on “Is it possible to make a Dirty Dog Rotor Better?

  1. HA! that’s awesome… I’m gonna make my wheels all murdered out.

    Now will the dirty dogs fix the infamous “Avid Elixer Squeal”? (infamous.. thats more than famous)
    If they can do that for cheaper than the g3 solid sweeps (and are in stock)… I’ll deff pick some up.

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