A sweet looking cake!

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This evening we celebrated Cousin’ Joe’s Bday with a ride and dinner in Fullerton. We then surprised him with a cake that Priscilla made.

Check it out.


This is the cake topper. We were looking for a mountain bike, but no luck. So we opted for this red Intense BMX bike instead. Not sure if you know this, but Joe is an Intense Fan Boy…all his bikes are from Intense.

You see the letters, yup I placed them on the cake. That was all me! I’m actually pretty proud of my craftsmanship.

Joe liked the cake so much that he started calling all his friends to tell them all about it.

See those rocks, edible! The trees, not so much.
Again, we’d like to wish Joe a Happy BirthWEEK!

RL Policar

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