Don’t bogart that BIKE my friend, pass it over to me…

Technically he wasn’t bogarting it. But I thought the word was funny, the song is even better!

But I’m happy to announce that I’ll be getting an opportunity to test ride/race the Airborne TAKA DH Bike. Team Racer, Art Aguilar has proven that you can get on the podium with the Taka. I’m hoping that at the next DH race that I’ll be able to get closer to that highly coveted platform…

Perhaps I can get some crazy air like Art did with the Taka…one can only dream…IMG_5496

5 Replies to “Don’t bogart that BIKE my friend, pass it over to me…”

  1. haha, not at all Art. I’ve heard that song on KROQ and have wanted to always use the term BOGART, just sounds funny. Can’t wait to try it out. By the way you should post pics of your Giant Mach 5 and your Speed Racer kit.

  2. OH YEAH!! Their’s a story their in the works buddy, I have been super busy at work and it sucks a little.

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