First Time Doing Downhill

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My daredevil brother, Randy was in town this weekend. I had offered to take him out downhilling because he’s never tried it before. I figured, he’d do just fine since he jumps out of perfectly working airplanes at 13,000 feet…for a living!

So we drove out to Southridge in Fontana, Ca. and rode the same course that was used at the last race. We decided to take a few photos and shoot some video to document his first time riding DH.

Considering that this was Randy’s first time on a DH course, he did pretty well. Though he had a few crashes, he still got up and kept riding.
fontana dh with Randy and RL

I equipped Randy with the KHS Lucky 7.
fontana dh with Randy and RL

I rode the Airborne TAKA. Though I had used the bike to do some practice sessions in the past, this was my first time that I was able to give it a good shake down. I gotta say, I LOVE IT!
fontana dh with Randy and RL

fontana dh with Randy and RL

Check out the video:

RL and Randy @ Fontana from RL Policar on Vimeo.

RL Policar

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3 thoughts on “First Time Doing Downhill

  1. Had an awesome time. Thanks for letting me use that sweet bike. I hope I didn’t mess it up too bad when I crashed several times.

  2. Hey RL your brother Randy look great, I think its time for a race, and you are looking real good on the Airborne. “I feel race win coming for you!”

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