Sette Torx ST-107 Bearing Cup Press: Review

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Sette Torx ST-107 Bearing Cup Press was sent to us by the kind folks of Sette USA.

Price: $54.98


The Sette Torx ST-107 Bearing Cup Press uses several enhanced and updated features in comparison to other headset presses on the market. The Torx ST-107 has a longer threaded rod and resized press-plates that accommodates 1” to 1 1/8” headsets and includes stepped bushing cup adapters to fit most cup sizes. The ST-107 can also be used to install press-fit bottom brackets. The Torx ST-107 is constructed of nickel-plated, heat-treated steel making it very durable. It also has an updated quick-release bottom plate for easier use and removable long non-slip handles for years of comfortable use.

For the longest time I’ve had to slum headset installations by using an allthread, 2 bolts and a few washers. For the most part it worked, but there are times when it wouldn’t. I’d actually break washers in half because I’m torquing down on the bolts so much just to get the cups to sit properly.

Using home brew presses were great for once in a great while jobs. But, when you work on bikes as much as I do, then you’re better off getting an actual tool for the job. This particular tool from Park would cost a regular Joe as much as $120! Lucky for guys like you and I, Sette came up with their own version of a headset press that rivals the Park brand model. In fact, they look and work the same way.

Here’s the Sette Torx ST-107 in action. I’ve just finished installing a Chris King headset onto this frame.
Sette Headset press

Rubberized handles are removable for easy storage, and they also provide a comfortable grip.
Sette Headset press

The way it works, you place a cup on the head tube, adjust your locking mechanism to the correct depth, and turn the handles. It’s that simple!
Sette Headset press

This is the locking piece that goes on the bottom of the press, its basically a quick release. All you do it turn in off or on.
Sette Headset press

I’m actually really impressed by this tool, and the best part would be its price of $54.98! You simply can’t beat that! Besides this is the tool that every home mechanic needs to have. So stop messing with home brew presses or using two blocks of wood and a hammer to install headsets, make sure you get the Sette Torx ST-107 Bearing Cup Press, you won’t regret it!

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  1. I used this tool trying to install a angle headset and it was a pain. You really need to mention the need for a headset cup adapter because if your headset doesn’t line up perfectly the force drives the press ends into the headset cups. Hammer and screwdriver time. At least thats what happened to me. I eventually did get it in but I had to use the headset bearings to properly fill up the space.

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