Crash Check List

You just crashed…now what? First thing you need to do after crashing is to not do anything. That’s right, lay still. No need to be macho and try to get up right away. There’s a few things you will need to do before you get up. Ready?

1. Lay still.

2. Take an inventory of what works. Most likely you’re in some sort of pain, make sure you take your time.

3. Wiggle your hands. Then see if your arms and shoulders work.

4. Wiggle your hips to make sure that nothing is broken.

5. Wiggle your legs, then your ankles and finally your toes.

Once you’ve are certain that you are able to get up, do it slowly, sit up first, check your surroundings, take another inventory, but this time its for your stuff. Visually locate your bike, sunglasses, shoes (yes shoes have flown off after a crash) and etc.

When you do get up, do it super slow. After you’ve gathered composure, check over the bike. From that point, you may have to walk the rest of the way or get back on the bike depending on how you feel and the condition of your rig. If needed, seek immediate medical attention, don’t try to tough through it.

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  1. One point to remember is that, even if you don’t need a doctor, you most likely could benefit from the help of a masseur after a crash. The sudden jolt and impact can easily strain the muscle or result in ‘hidden’ tension.

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