Sea Otter Pump Track!

This was probably the best part of my trip to Sea Otter. The pump track this year had some pretty tall obstacles and to be honest with you, it was hard to get 1 lap completed. It’s a full body work out and for those of you who have one of these in your neighborhood, you are lucky!

Here’s Art getting ready to roll down into the track.


People of all skills and ages were on hand to enjoy the pump track.

Just look at the smile on his face!

There’s even a wall ride incorporated.

I gotta be honest, I was kinda intimidated to try it out, but Eric Jackson, was cool enough to show me how to ride the track.

Right next to the pump track was a stunt track. These guys were doing some amazing stuff.

Will White was doing back flips all day long. He was the crowd favorite.

In closing, if you ever get a chance to go to the Sea Otter, make sure you try out the pump track, its way to fun to miss!

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