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Priscilla and I had the privileged to get in a morning ride with a great group of guys that I like to call the Mabuhay Mountain Bike Club. Our planned route was to ride Turnbull Canyon in Southern California. Steep long climbs combined with fantastic technical single-ish track. Our group consisted of at least 19 riders and as always its full of laughs, jokes and all around fun. But before we got our ride started, we met up with long time reader and winner of our recent contest for the 2011 Team Jersey, Dial Tone. Here’s a pic of me presenting DT with his new jersey. Congrats man, now that you have this jersey, you should be able to notice how much faster you can ride now, studies have shown an increase in speed by as much as 15%!

Dial Tone and RL
TBC 04232011

Here’s Priscilla within the group. She rocked it out there today. Her pace on the climbs were pretty impressive.
TBC 04232011

Lots of climbing that day. I usually can’t stand it, but today wasn’t so bad. I was able to test out my 9 speed 36t rear cassette and found that it made it easier for me to get up the switchbacks.
TBC 04232011

All in all, a great ride, got to meet some really cool guys. I’d like to thank Nel Manimbo for letting me try out his Specialized Big Hit. During our climb up, I had noticed he had the Hammerschmidt crankset. I had a ton of questions for him about it and once we stopped, he let me test ride his bike just so I can see how it feels. It’s rather remarkable on how all that works, felt great.

So that’s about it for this ride report, enjoy this group photo, I’m the most handsome one in there (other than Cousin Joe) and Priscilla is the cutest.
TBC 04232011

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