Its Back…

The Jet9 Returns!

… and I got to ride it today. No pictures on the ride, but it was a good ride, nonetheless. I spent most of the time fiddling with the saddle height, the rear derailleur and I don’t have the rear pressure dialed in to my liking yet but I got to ride her, I rode her hard and I liked it, lots!

Thanks for all your kind comments. Big PROPS to the commenter who tipped me off to my bike being on ebay. I am enjoying the bike immensely and thank you very making this happen.

4 Replies to “Its Back…”

  1. Congrats on getting her back! I bet every ride from now on will have a little more meaning to it.

    Stay hard.

  2. I just love Happy.

    But really, this is awesome newws, we’ll have to do a FS ride soon. Haven’t been on the FS since before Christmas.

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