Bike Lube as Bike Polish

One thing I learned while hanging out with Mike Kaelon of KHS Bicycles was this…Boeshield works best as a polish. He explained that all the years he’s worked Interbike, Boeshield works best in making your bike look good and get rid of finger prints. So I decided to try it, sure enough, he was right!

KHS Visit 2011

Even the label shows you can use it on the frame.
KHS Visit 2011

Here’s an example of a matte finished frame that I have, dirty.

Squirted some Boeshield into a clean rag.

Work it onto the frame and it leaves it nice and new looking.

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  1. Interesting use. And looks good!

    For the record, Boeshield’s labeling is vague, but is intended to be used on the INSIDE of a frame, much like Framesaver,to prevent rusting. Boeing developed the stuff to keep airframes from corroding.

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