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This is a letter to racers out there. It’s as simple as this, if another racer calls out left to pass you, let him or her pass. Don’t be a douche about it, just let them go. We had a situation the other night at a SoCal race venue when one of our team racers, we’ll call him Tattoo, called out that he was passing another racer who we’ll call Chaz. As Tattoo made his move, Chaz veers into him causing Tattoo to go into the weeds, Tattoo calls out, “Yo man, what the heck!?” Chaz asked Tattoo, “What class are you in?” Tattoo replied, “Same as yours.” Then at that moment, Chaz responds, “Well, I’m not letting you pass!” But once the trail opened up, so Tattoo can pass, Chaz says to him, “Now you can pass!”

Ya…how classy was that for Chaz to do that? Here’s the thing guys, it’s racing, if someone better than you needs to pass, even if they’re in the same category as you, let them go! Just get out of the way because chances are there are other people behind you that will need to pass you eventually.

Another thing to remember, unless you’re some sort of Pro-Rider who has a full-ride sponsorship in which you get paid to get on the podium, you’re just like the rest of us. We all ride bikes for fun, we all have to go to work the next day, and we all have families we need to come home to.

Here’s a perfect illustration on how you should act if someone needs to pass you. Mr. ODI Racer calls out that he’s passing on the left. Dan Burdett graciously lets him pass with a great attitude. He even tips his helmet to Mr. ODI as we passes.
passing lane

All I’m saying is keep it classy. Don’t be a Chaz. Why? For one the mountain biking community in your area is rather small. You’ll end up seeing that person again at another race or on the trail on the weekend. Besides, its more fun to make friends than enemies. Just look at that picture above, Dan and Mr. ODI have become buddies. Every time they see each other at the races, they’re always super cool and give high fives, well I don’t know about the high fives, but they remain cordial like a cherry and act like gentlemen.

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

10 thoughts on “Don’t be a Chaz

  1. I 100% agree, however sometimes in racing (mtn biking included) making yourself as “big as possible” on the single track has put a lot of riders on the podium.

  2. well… making yourself Big doesn’t really apply until you’re with in sight of the last few turns…. or unless your racing 4x.

    There two scenarios as to why you’re being passed.
    1. you’re obviously slower so why bring everyone else down.
    2. If you’re pacing yourself, it would be much better to let the other guy go ahead full bore and tire himself out so you can pass him later…

    In either case, you’re just being an a$& if you refuse to let someone pass.

    Also, RL’s last point is the most applicable. Unless you’re a pro who get’s paid to Podium (and by paid I mean main source of income).. there’s no excuse.

    Great Article RL

  3. Agreed, if its just a local fun race, don’t be a dick and let the guy with stronger legs have his fun. I was just making the point that racing is racing, not sunday school. And blocking to slow down the pace and then make a run at it, is common in a lot of two wheeled sports involving dirt. There is a reason why the exciting parts are passing on the inside or outside or “holding” someone off. If mtn bike racing was just about how strong your legs are and how fast you can get to the finish, why not just do time trails? Seems safer! Or maybe we could just race on stationary bikes?

  4. DL Bob.. you’re missing the point.

    I was going to explain race etiquette (followed by even Pros in any type of racing) and when the proper time to “rub” is, but you’d probably still miss the point.

    Lets just say… it you’re more than 10 mins away from the finish, not in a podium spot, and clearly out gunned.. you got no business rubbin.. period.

    go ahead, apply the theory…

    4x race…
    only 1-2mins to get to the bottom…
    you’re almost always 5 feet from being in 1st..
    if you were out gunned, you’d be left at the gate…
    …. RUB!!

    middle of an XC race…
    still about 30mins-1 hr left, depending on the race really..
    you haven’t seen the front of the pack since 4 mins after the start of the race…
    You’re about the drop a lung in granny while the guy behind you is smilin in the big ring..
    ….There’s no hope of you wining anyways, so don’t be a DL.. I mean Chaz

  5. Thank you for the lesson on the different types of mtn bike racing and how a racer based on duration should be aggressive. I never said the whole race.

    I’m just throwing in a different viewpoint, this blog is a bit on the mister rogers side. Cheesy tips on how to not be a dick, and mostly all positive bike reviews. After 11 years of riding there are A LOT of brands and products I hate. Even when I was getting free product, there are bikes and brands that simply aren’t great. If I give mtnbikeriders a free bike that isn’t very good but is cheap will you give it a great review? And if someone brings up it’s shortcomings will you say its a great value? I get the community is small and pissing off manufacturers isn’t fun, but this is why forums exists. So they aren’t biased. It’s interesting the road biking community is much more honest about calling our quality.

  6. So I don’t get this DLBob, BigMike was pointing out something about your logic, but you get all defensive and start attacking How did it go from talking about “cheesy tips on how not to be a dick” to you slandering the site?

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