Airborne Ranger in Action

This is Eric McKenna of Airborne Bicycles. He’s got the whole badassery thing down. Check him out at his recent trip to Snowshoe.

See that jersey he’s wearing. That’s the limited edition Airborne Ranger jersey by Only a handful of riders from our race Team as well as 3 Airborne Bicycles employees are allowed to wear them. By the way, Eric is rockin’ a rare colored white Taka…sweet.

Photo credits: Trevor Gay
airborne ranger

One of the cool things about Eric and that jersey is this…he’s was an actual Airborne Ranger for the US Army.
airborne ranger

Due to the fact that Eric was Ranger, people have said that Eric can diffuse a bomb with just a toothpick and an apple core. Some have even said that Eric can fight off 12 men at one time while eating ice cream with chop sticks. All I know is, Eric McKenna is one cool dude.
airborne ranger

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