Interbike 2011: Artie, the one man Party!

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If you didn’t know, Team Racer/Staff Writer, Art(ie) Aguilar is a party on wheels. This guy knows how to rock out at Interbike. Here’s a photo of Artie getting things warmed up. This was taken at the BTI booth where he downed 2 shots of whiskey.
Then it came to the Vegas night life. I decided to try and keep up with Artie by taking some shots of 5hour Energy, judging by my reaction, you can tell we didn’t like it…YUCK! But the stuff works!
That night we hit a buffet and it truly is an event to watch Artie eat. For a guy his size, he can out eat anyone! I’d even put money on it.
Here’s Artie partying it up. He wanted to get on stage to show people how it SHOULD be done. From what I heard, he was on stage all night, in fact he didn’t get back to our condo until 3am.
So if you ever have an opportunity to party it up with Artie, do so! He’s a ton of fun to be with.

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