Interbike 2011: High End Brand with Crappy Bikes

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So here’s something I don’t get. Why do high-end brands like Mercedes and Ferrari line themselves up with cheap, crappy Wal-Mart-ish types of bikes as a branded item?

Here’s what I mean.

SRAM X4? Geez if its a Ferrari shouldn’t it be an X0?

Here’s a single speed/fixie, but I doubt hipsters would go for this since it maybe considered too mainstream…

RL Policar

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1 thought on “Interbike 2011: High End Brand with Crappy Bikes

  1. money. a LOT of big brands simply license their names and logos to be slapped on all sorts of low-quality crap. i mean, have you SEEN all the dirt-quality “Tour de France” cycling stuff at places like Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods?? some companies have standards as to the product quality that can bear their logo, but i don’t think most do. it’s a quick buck and they don’t care how many units they sell, cos it’s the actual manufacturer of the branded item that has to eat the licensing fees.

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