Career Day

I recently spoke at Career Day for my daughter’s school. My subject of expertise was or I should say, is Social Media Marketing and Blogging. I wanted to tell all the kids about the great things that I get to do everyday and express how fun it is.

One of the things I really wanted to do was stand out from the other Career Day speakers. Every year the local Police and Fire Dept. show up with their cool cars, trucks and other gear. In fact one time the SWAT Team repelled down from a Helicopter! So that got me thinking…how can I make my presentation cooler??? Well it occurred to me, kids love bikes! So I partnered up with Free Agent Bikes,, Redline Bicycles, The Sweet Cakery and of course to get a few items that are bike related and treats to pass out for give-aways and raffles.

The school officials set me up to speak out doors because for the first session, I would have over 90 kids in attendance. I set up my table with some goodies that I would be giving away. You see that bike? That’s the Free Agent Maverick in which I raffled off at the end of my presentation.

As I started,I encouraged the kids to make sure they participate and take notes because I’ll be quizzing them at the end. At one point of my presentation, I called for volunteers and one of them got to try a Cake Pop from the Sweet Cakery. I illustrated with this demonstration on how Blogging and Social Media works. DSC_0023

After about 30 minutes of telling them all about what I do for a living, I started throwing out hats, shirts, stickers and bandannas for the kids. This created a frenzy in which was a perfect way to get them hyped up for the big raffle, the bike!

With the help of my daughter, we drew the winning ticket….

Upon hearing her numbers, she came running up to me to present her winning ticket. Here she is with her brand new Free Agent Maverick. I went ahead and hooked her up with a helmet, Free Agent Hat, T-Shirt, and a Redline Bandanna.

By the time session 2 ended, I spoke to a total of 120, 5th and 6th graders in the school. All of the kids were super excited for all the great gear and I felt great knowing that I may have encouraged the next set of Bloggers to rise up in the near future.

I’d like to thank all of the sponsors for this event; Free Agent Bikes,, Redline Bicycles, The Sweet Cakery and of course The kids loved all the schwag! By the way, my presentation blew away (in my opinion-haha) the Career Day competition. My daughter came home that day talking about how her friends said, “Your dad is soooo cool!”

Now that I’ve set the bar pretty high…I gotta start planning for next year’s Career Day….

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  1. That’s great RL. It’s cool to have a job that you enjoy and to be able to share it with a younger audience makes it even better. Kudos!

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