What to wear…what to wear?

On the morning of your ride, do you ever stand there like a chick and ask yourself….”hmm what should I wear?” If you’re anything like me, you’ve got more jerseys than regular “civilian” clothing.
The dilemma is trying to figure out which jersey/shorts and socks would be appropriate for the ride. Personally I like to make sure I have some what of a matching look. I try not to clash my colors and I wear the appropriate helmet to complete the look. Oh and I also have my eyewear in mind while I’m doing this. The proper color of eye wear is like a cherry on top.

One of the best dressed riders I know is The Moe. Not only does he coordinate with his clothing. But many times he will match his bike!

But what do you do when your jersey doesn’t match your bike or anything you own? Let’s take a look at Team Racer Corey Pond. He’s wearing Art Aguilar’s jersey because he spent the night at Art’s place and couldn’t find anything to wear. Anyhow, if the jersey is so loud, then wear shorts and accessories that highlight the color of the accents of the designs in the jersey.

Below is a great example of how Art and Wes wear things to accentuate the small details of their jerseys.Notice how Art is wearing a black beanie with the white MtnBikeRiders.com logo…adds a nice touch to the whole package. Then we have Wes who is wearing a matching hat to the jersey. Plus he’s got black eyewear on to finish off the look.

So what’s the point of this article? Simple, looking good is half the effort in mountain biking. Heck if Roadies and dirtbike guys do it with their outfits, why can’t mountain bikers!

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