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This summer Spy Optics sent over some new eyewear from their performance line. Spy says, “This is what you get after 16 years of R&D: Stylish, functional eyewear that can endure a world of abuse and won’t allow anything to get in the way of clear vision, fit or comfort.” The Quanta runs between $100 and $140 depending on the lenses you get with them.


Here are some of the cool features on the Quantas:

Grilamid Frame Said to be pretty much unbreakable. This is good for MTBing, since our gear is usually tossed in the backseat after a ride. I found the frames to have a lot of flexibility in the arms. I have a face that is a little on the narrow side, and although they fit snugly, others that tried them on with a wider face, found them comfortable as well. And they come in three color options: black, white, and brown.

Scoop Venting System Said to combat lens fogging by promoting air flow between the lens and the wears face, the scoops on both sides allow air to flow behind the glasses. Making it harder for the lens to fog up. Fogging is a problem I often get on the cold early morning rides. I got zero fogging while moving, even if it was at a slow speed. If I was pushing it and breathing real hard, and then came to a dead stop, I would get some fog going on. But as soon as I started pedaling again, it was gone in about 3 seconds without removing the glasses.

Patented Scoop Venting

Hytrel Rubber is found on the nose and temple pieces. And is a unique hydrophilic compound that gets tackier when exposed to moisture. So when you sweat, the Hytrel grips your face better, and keeps your eye protection from moving around. The Hytrel Rubber is not sticky to the touch, but they do stay put on your head. I did a few races where the temps were in the 90s. With all that sweating, I never had any problem with these slipping at all. The rubber is also very comfortable on the nose.

Hytel Rubber temple pieces
Hytrel Rubber nose piece

ARC Lenses are used on the Spy Performance Line. ARC stands for – Accurate Radius Curvature. These Polycabonate lenses are impact resistant, and provide optically correct, distortion free vision. They also absorb 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays that damage your eyes. Spy does offer lenses in many colors, as well as a polarized set. I only tested the standard black ones, and after 6 months and hundreds of miles, they are scratch free.

ARC Lens


The Verdict, eye protection is very important in what we do. To find something than performs well, and comfortable, is often hard to do. I’m sold! Spy delivered with these, and is doing something great with their Performance line. Check out the Quanta, and other styles at Spyoptic.com

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