What time should we ride?

Usually when we set up rides, we’ll send out emails to see who can make it. At that time we’ll determine what schedule works out best for everyone. There have been occasions where we’ve had to roll out in 2 separate groups just to accommodate everyone. Well yesterday’s ride was no exception. We had Doc Thunda who set up the ride for 6ish but found out Cousin Joe was possibly going to ride around 4ish. So this created an internal battle within Doc because he really wanted to ride with the regular folks but he has really missed Cousin Joe, so he wanted to ride with him….he kept saying to himself…”Do I ride with the slow people or do I ride with Cousin Joe?! Ugh…FML!”

Eventually Doc decided to ride with Cousin Joe because he said, “I’ve got a very important chat room meeting at 6pm that I can’t miss. Our topic of discussion; ‘How to show affection to our cats.’ and I can’t miss that!” Priscilla and I were running late because we were getting a door way put into our ceiling so we can go to Narnia when ever we want. We ended up sticking with our 6ish ride schedule.
However, when we arrived at the trail, we saw Doc, Cousin Joe and Khoa waiting for us…aww how sweet they waited! I asked Doc how come he didn’t ride earlier with Cousin Joe, Doc said, “Well the chat room meeting was not what I expected, when they said CAT, I thought it was for my CAT…and nothing else. These sickos in the chat room were talking about….aye nevermind, I was so disappointed!”

Off to the trail we go and we’re riding at a pretty good clip. Doc kept on pushing us like a personal trainer by getting behind and saying, “C’Mon slow poke! Hurry up already! Let’s Go Let’s GO!!!!” This motivational speaking got us…uh…motivated to ride faster and harder.

Here’s a prime example of Doc giving us a speech. In this photo you’ll see he get’s behind a rider and starts motivating them. You actually won’t be able to see it, but on the right side of Doc, he’s got a mini bull horn in which he uses to bark out his encouraging words.

Look how happy Cousin Joe is, that motivational thing Doc did was working.

I rode the Soma Double Cross DC and I gotta tell you, if it wasn’t for Doc’s words, I never would have made it up the hills, thanks Doc for pushing us!

Anyway, we ended our ride at our favorite taco-ish place and had much needed adult beverages…a Pepsi! Doc took this pic of me, I thought I looked like a gangsterish THUG but if anything I looked homeless.

By the way, when I got home, waiting for me was a copy of Bicycling magazine. Inside was the dumbest ad EVER made. It’s an ad for an indoor stationary bike that supposed to mimic TDF courses…Cool, but my question is, why is the guy wearing a helmet? That in my book is what the young kids are now calling a…”FAIL”

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