Great weekend of bikey stuff!


Over the weekend I had the privileged to do some great riding and hanging out with some fantastic friends. We started off at Aliso Woods where my buddy Dale Weber who happens to be a personal trainer took us through various parts of the park.

Dan, Dale,Paul and some random guy in the back.

We started our ride by dropping into 5 Oaks, up Cholla, down Stairsteps, up Willow, down T&A and we hiked back up Stair Steps…ya it sounds quite a bit of riding, well its because it is! Took us nearly 3 hours to do all that and check this out, Dale said, “this same route, I do as my normal trail ride…” Wait did I hear him right? NORMAL TRAIL RIDE? No friggin’ way! The route we did is something a person should only do every few months or train for. Geez, but Mr. (Dale) Fitness does it on a weekly basis. I’m sure there are a ton of folks that ride that much through out the week, but for this soft mountain biker, that was something I considered EPIC!!!

By the way, this was my view most of the day. In fact this was probably the last time I saw Dan and Dale as we went up Willow.

This was right before we dropped into T&A…hehe makes me giggle when ever I say that…T&A…hehe…

Here’s another crappy shot from my HTC EVO, yes I know the new iPhone 4s is better at taking pictures. But shoot, my phone and service is free so I’m not complaining!

Then on Sunday we had the Christmas Party. This was the only photo we have of it because we were too busy carb-loading for the next work day in the office. For our White Elephant Gift Exchange we brought drinks for presents. All I know is someone made off with a sweet can of “Beer-30” beer…lucky

To top it off, I came into the office and found this mural of sorts that my co-worker painted on after I left on Friday. He’s supposed to paint the walls and figured he’ll have a bit of fun before covering it up. I told him just to leave it alone haha.

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