Win a Genuine PINK Tuxedo Jersey from

The website that made wearing Pink Tuxedos acceptable and totally manly, is now giving one away! will randomly select from comments left below from the person who can TELL US WHY BACON IS SO GOOD!

But check this out, we’re not just giving you a pink tuxedo from our shelves, NO! We’re giving you one that is fully customized with YOUR NAME or SYMBOL in the back!

***US Only and Sizing limit is from Adult Small to 3XL**

We’re taking submissions until January 31st, 2012. Good luck!

17 Replies to “Win a Genuine PINK Tuxedo Jersey from”

  1. because when you “take home the bacon” you can buy cars, bikes, gear, beer and the ever wonderful pork belly.

  2. speaking of bacon… When you went to Interbike, did you guys ever eat at I Love Burger in the Palazzo shopping center? They have a Burger called I Love Bacon. Filled with more bacony goodness than any other burger in existence… and milkshakes that will get you buzzed.

  3. He’s a tremendous actor…very enthusiastic. I especially liked him in Wild Things….because if nothing else, Bacon can make two hot chicks kiss…

    I was going to add that bacon is meat candy, but that may give the wrong impression (I prefer hot chicks…)

  4. Bacon is f’n sweet! The smell, the taste… and the extra calories is a good reason to get out and ride! Bacon and bacon grease make everything better, kinda like butter! Mmmmm… bacon and butter! I bet you could sucessfully grease up your entire bike with bacon grease… should work and smell great!

  5. Worst question ever. BACON is the one and only food group. Bacon meatballs, bacon burger, bacon pizza, bacon bacon, southern fried bacon. BACON. Even dogs need bacon, I saw the commercial. Bacon is not only a food, it is a lifestyle.

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