Making a Hitch Part 1

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I’ve got an extra vehicle that is really good on gas that I’d rather use as my main vehicle to take me to and from trails. So rather than spending up to $160 on an aftermarket hitch, I called, Team Racer, Nick DiBlasi to see if he could help me out. Not sure if many of you knew this, but Nick used to be this fancy fabricator that worked on race cars and all that fancy stuff. I figured if he’d built race cars, that he’d know how to make a simple hitch.

Nick and I checking the under carriage to see where he’d mount the hitch.

Hitch receiver and the other pieces eventually to be used on the project.

Oooh sparks!

Nick Tig welding parts.

Not wanting to Mickey Mouse things, Nick insisted on measuring twice and cutting once.

This will be mounting plate that bolts onto the car.

Some of Nick’s artwork. Check out those welds.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time and day light, so part 2 will be coming up in a few weeks. Oh and get this, in exchange for Nick’s handy work, all I had to do was pay for cost of materials and mow his lawn. Yup, mow his lawn.

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2 thoughts on “Making a Hitch Part 1

  1. hahaha, He must really hate mowing his Lawn. I assume this hitch going to be solely for mounting a bike rack and not actually towing anything? Regardless, thats some really nice work there! I’d mow several lawns to be able to weld like that.

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