To be as good as Art Aguilar, one can only dream….

The other day, Team Racer, Art “Jedi Master” Aguilar and I were having a conversation about racing. We got on the subject on amount of skill level that it takes to race in the Expert Category. While on a drunken stupor, Art began to explain that there is a HUGE difference in skill and talent. Basically he was telling us sport and beginner guys that we suck compared to him…

Here Art illustrates the “big difference” between Beginner and Expert.
art difference

He also mentioned that Beginner/Sport racers have small balls…again he illustrates it in this photo.

In this photo, he depicts something that I won’t even describe, I think you know where he’s going with it.

With that being said…one can only dream about being as good as Art….(sigh)

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