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When we received the Ibex Asta Expert to review, I assigned one of our Team Racers, Nick DiBlasi to test it for MtnBikeRiders.com. Read his review below.


The Ibex Asta Expert is an all 6069 Aluminum cross country bike that everyone will love. It comes with virtually ever feature you would want or need. Ibex spared no expense on getting the right components for this $1319.99 price point.

I have taken it on several rides now switching it up to see how it reacts to each different environment. I must say that this thing brings a smile to my face every time I hop on it. The feel of this bike is so agile and light that I keep forgetting its a Mountina bike. I would attribute the smooth shifting and pedal feel to the Sram components matched perfectly with the Avid Elixir braking system.


The good:

The Ibex Asta Expert 16” has amazing handling and is extremely agile. It feels as if you have total control at all times and a very positive feel for the terrain. The moderately lightweight feel and control makes this perfect for light trail use and in tight cornering conditions. It brings me back to the BMX riding days where I can pretty much put the bike anywhere I want it. Once clipped in you feel like you are one with the bike. When it comes to braking, they sized everything perfectly. The Avid Exlir R’s could not have been a better choice for Ibex. The brakes are effortless and complimentary to the quick handling of the bike. Overall I would categorize this as an extremely FUN bike.


The not so good:

The design of the rear link causes the bike to do more of a sharp rebound than actual absorbing energy into the suspension. After several many setting adjustments I got it fairly comfortable. Not 100% ideal, but to the point where I can feel confident on any trail. This can be a little harsh on your body on long rides where the trail has constant bumps instead of long smooth dirt paths. The second gripe I have is the cable routing on the top tube. For shorter people like me (5’-8”) my stand over height is always within 1” of the top tube. The routing of the cable often comes in contact with my legs or shorts when coming off and on the bike. The welded tabs have scratched my legs up a few times causing some discomfort. This would not be a problem for taller rides, however if you are near my height or under you WILL definitely notice.


Would I buy it?:

If you are looking for a fun and full featured cross country bike for around $1319.99 this is a pretty decent deal. If fits right in the middle of the price point for non major brand bikes and comes fully loaded. Almost anyone can pick this bike up and have a good time virtually anywhere. It might not be the best bike for serious terrain, but it will definitely get you around and out the trails.

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